Recognized by Govt. of Kerala & Affiliated to Kannur University A  Unit of Malabar Islamic Complex.

MIC Arts and Science College is regulated by Malabar Islamic Complex, Chattanchal under Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, Kasaragod District. It was established in 2002 as an affiliated college under Kannur University. The college has completed successful years of excellent performance through the academic achievements and sincere services.

MIC is a renowned centre of excellence in teaching and is providing quality education with co-curricular activities which gives a distinguished status to this institution in North Malabar region. Since its inception, MIC has secured University ranks in different degree courses every year.

The institute maintains a strong dedication to nurturing the talents and probity of students to hold responsible position in the day to day life and it has made a place among the top self financing college under Kannur University.

Late Khazi C.M Abdulla Moulavi MFB, Founder, MIC Institutions

He was the light of hope for those who were wandering in darkness… he was the shining sun spreading the rays of his wisdom all over the earth… he was the glowing moon emitting the soothing light to the world… and he was the subvention to those who were struggling in the life.

He was one of the precious talent preceptors among current Islamic Scholar in India. He was having deep knowledge in various subjects and he was renowned for his profound knowledge of the Quran and for his scholarly works. He mastered Astronomy and he twinkles like a star in the hearts of the people. He knew that without the modern education, the Muslim community will remain in backwardness and result of this thinking is MALABAR ISLAMIC COMPLEX.

“Knowledge is the precious object for which human beings are created. It enlightens the angelic face of human beings and its loss ignites his devilish face”.


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